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A mature student who attends school alongside other learners in their early twenties and late teens might feel a bit “different.” So, how should you relate with students who are about half your age? How do you carry on with your activities so that your age doesn’t become an issue? Before we get started, you should note that universities don’t have an age limit, so there is nothing to worry about.



Young people are sensitive to being treated like kids. Understand this fact and avoid looking down on your younger classmates. Treat them respectfully and never put them down. That way, they will also respect you.


Find ways of participating in extra-curricular activities. Try playing basketball, soccer or any other sport of choice. That way, you will create strong bonds with the other learners. You can fit in comfortably without losing your respect.

Have a sense of humor

You cannot afford to be a crank. Learn to see the witty side of everything and everyone. You will have an easy time interacting with the other students when you have a sense of humor. After all, some laughter will help you get through college life too.


Don’t compare

Avoid comparing your children, cousins or anybody in your family with your classmates. Statements like, “I have a nephew your age” are completely out of context. It might even come out as an insult, so don’t say it.

Don’t be a parent

Even if you are old enough to be the mother or father of the other students, don’t be one! Remember that you are all classmates and they are not your biological children. Just be a classmate.

Don’t be touchy

School can be an informal place. Some of your classmates might be jokers or clowns. They might try some silly jokes on you. As long as the humor is in good faith, do not take offense. Just flow with the joke.